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About The Feed Meal

James Hall started The Feed Meal three years ago after building kitchens for over thirty-five years. James is a self-taught chef who took up cooking as a hobby twenty years ago. Over time, he has come up with incredible recipes that will make your mouth water. James focuses on cleanliness, which has given him a 100 on his health score. James prepares most of his food in his professional kitchen, and cooks the food in his top-of-the-line food truck. James sets up his food truck and serves people at many different places in and around the Springfield, Tennessee area. You can always go to a chain restaurant, but The Feed Meal wants to prepare you a fantastic homestyle sandwich or plate!

Incredible, Fresh Food

My family loves all of the food we have eaten from The Feed Meal. Some of our favorites are the hamburgers, fries and my kids love the pork barbecue sandwiches. My husband and I love the pulled turkey barbecue sandwiches. The food is always fresh and tastes amazing. So your tastebuds a favor and try some of their food. We highly recommend it. Can’t wait to try something else.

Brooke Stroup

Delicious Food

The food that’s prepared by The Feed Meal is delicious! We’ve tried the pulled pork barbecue, delicious ribs, homemade slaw and baked beans! Everything is tender and full of flavor! The Feed Meal has other food choices that I’m looking forward to trying.

Desiree Cardwell